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Countess Michèle Susan Mainwaring Griaznoff Peacock Sangster Renouf ... a LADY of the New Right

One of the more bizarre associations between Troy Southgate's fascist 'New Right' and Holocaust denialism is provided by way of Michèle Mainwairing, more commonly known as Lady Susan (Michèle) Renouf, a title Susan gained through marriage to Sir Francis Henry (Frank) Renouf (1918--1998), a Knightly New Zealand businessman and financier. Susan was also previously known as Susan Peacock and Susan Sangster, through marriage to Australian Tory politician Andrew Peacock (1939--) and Robert Edmund Sangster (1936--2004), a racehorse owner and breeder. According to an article in The Age, the union between Frank and Susan 'collapsed in 1991 after only a few months, when Sir Frank reportedly discovered the then Countess Griaznoff was a truckie's daughter from The Entrance, on the NSW central coast and not a Russian noblewoman. He later described the marriage as a "nasty accident"'(Peter Fray, "Bimbo" who rattled the old buffers club, December 3, 2002). Lady Susan (Michèle) Mainwairing / Peacock / Sangster / Renouf's use of the term 'Countess' was a result of her marriage to Daniel Griaznoff, whose "mother hailed from a line of White Russian aristocrats" according to Renouf.

Andrew Peacock has most recently been in the news for crashing his Mercedes while drink driving (2005) and quitting his post as Chairman of MFS (March, 2008): "The Gold Coast property group went into meltdown in January, revealing a short-term debt of $550 million. About $750 million of mum-and-dad investors' money is locked up in the group's Premium Income Fund, which has been frozen since January 18 because of the company's precarious financial state". Peaccock's other claim to fame -- aside from having been Federal Tory party leader -- was being recorded in March 1987 talking to Jeff Kennett about former PM John HoWARd, whom Kennett described as a "cunt".

Over the course of the last decade, Lady Renouf has made a rather unusual name for herself by championing the rights of numerous Holocaust denialists and/or 'revisionists'. Including, of course, David Irving (1938--) in Austria:

And among the swastikas, a little Aussie flag was flying...
The Chaser
February 21, 2006

... "I am here," she announced grandly, with all the dignity and gravitas that goes with being an ageing, racist, slightly ditzy gold-digger, "to free David Irving and to free Austria from these totalitarian laws". Flanked by the standard-issue "unnamed men" wearing matching flag-pins, she knew her place, her moment and her mission: she was there to stand up for Queen and Country (and David and Adolf).

Irving, she argued, was "standing up to the Zionists". Most fetchingly of all, she demanded – nay, decreed! – that the "so-called Holocaust victims to be exhumed to see whether they died from typhoid or gas". The press corps took this in their stride. (By this point, most of them had managed to download the coverage of her previous outings, including her deriding them as a "Jewish cabal" in 2001). One young and slightly over-earnest Austrian journalist remonstrated with her, but without much enthusiasm. The rest looked at their feet. A moment of awkward silence passed.

Now, standing on the cold paved steps of a building in which Nazis famously beheaded resistence fighters, begging the assembled media pack for a chance to rifle through the remains of the victims of death camps to check whether you can still smell the Zyklon B, is an odd place for a former Miss Newcastle to have ended up. But Fate makes fools of us all – and Fate has pretty self-evidently made a fool of Our Michele.

Perhaps, in her head, this was a rousing call to arms. (You heard it here first: Gentlemen, grab your shovels - we ride for Auschwitz!). To the rest of us, I gotta say, this just sounded like one of the last stops on a downward spiral. Join the dots. She's in the news, she's "controversial", she says stupid, hateful, provocative things. With, I must point out, a faint hint of an Australian accent.

Can an appearance on a reality TV show be far off?

In her capacity as a champion of free speech, Lady Renouf has since gone on to address meetings of the fascist groupuscule 'New Right', in April 2006, January 2007 and most recently in April 2008. Of course, she is merely one among a number of intriguiging characters to address the London forums organised by 'national anarchist' Troy Southgate. (On the 'New Right' in Australia, see: Fascism in Europe... and Australia (April 11, 2008). On Troy Southgate, see Graham D. Macklin, ‘Co-opting the counter culture: Troy Southgate and the National Revolutionary Faction’, Patterns of Prejudice, Vol. 39, No. 3, 2005 [PDF].) As a result of her endeavours, she was also expelled from a Club; more recently 'Labour donor David Abrahams banned from taking beauty queen to club - because of her views on Holocaust' according to The Daily Mail (December 15, 2007).

She's welcome in at least one club, however.



New Right Inaugural Meeting, January 16, 2005

Jonathan Bowden (JB) (British National Party (BNP) cultural officer; former editor, Revolutionary Conservative) : 'The History of the British New Right'
Davide Moiso (DM) : 'Transversal Psychology'

Bowden has an interesting biography and, like all of the other speakers at the New Right forums, not one normally associated with 'anarchism'. Thus he was one of the founders, in 1993, of the Revolutionary Conservative Caucus. According to an article by Nick Lowles in Searchlight ('Right Now! A forum for eugenecists', July 1998): "Politically the RCC was an attempt to promote Revolutionary Conservatism in Britain, drawing inspiration from the French intellectual Old Right, principally the Action Français led by Charles Maurras, and the German Conservative Revolution, which was driven by Oswald Spengler and Ernst Junger. However it saw the need to place this within a very Anglo-American environment. While the RCC did not survive long, being too provocative for its own good, it managed to redraw a right-wing nationalist agenda." Bowden later went on to play a role in the Bloomsbury Forum, a small philosophical circle whose only publication appears to have been a book Standardbearers - British Roots of the New Right, edited by Bowden, Eddy Butler, and Adrian Davies (Bloomsbury Forum, 1999). He later joined the BNP and became its 'Cultural Officer'.

2) March 12, 2005

Alexander Dugin : 'The Eurasian Doctrine of Multipolarism: The Continental Alternative to Globalisation'
JB : 'Nietzsche and Post-Modernism'
Andrew Phillips (Orthodox priest; editor Orthodox England) : 'Holy Europe and Anti-Europe'
Keith Thompson (KT) : 'The Life of Oswald Mosley'

Dugin (1962--) is a Russian neo-fascist. Some tepid criticism of his views may be found in 'Russian Nationalism Today: The Views Of Alexander Dugin', Dmitry Shlapentokh, Contemporary Review, July, 2001. A more critical analysis is available in Vadim Rossman, Russian Intellectual Antisemitism in the Post-Communist Era, University of Nebraska Press, 2002.

Thompson is a veteran neo-Nazi, and helped to establish the League of St George in 1974. This formed as a split from the Action Party, which was formerly known as the Union Movement, the political party founded by Oswald Mosley.

3) May 28, 2005

Alexander Baron (AB) : 'Is There Really An Islamic Threat?'
Alisdair Clarke : 'Aryan Futurism'
Norman Lowell (NL) : 'Imperium Europa: A Unifying Idea'
JB : 'Ernst Junger: Revolutionary Conservative'

Baron is a Holocaust denialist, and attended the conference on the subject in Iran last year, for which he wrote an account later published on He is also allegedly a former member of the BM, although it's also noted that he has moved some distance from these positions (Michael Whine, 'Holocaust Denial in the United Kingdom', in Nationalist Myths and Modern Media: Contested Identities in the Age of Globalisation, Jan Herman Brinks, Edward Timms, & Stella Rock, Editors, I.B. Tauris, 2006).

Clarke in an optimistic mood: "The New Right weltanschauung is unassailable; it is the adamantine synthesis of the most brilliant minds in European history, from Heraclitus to Martin Heidegger and beyond, and the race-mind which created foundational Aryan mythology. It is the intellectual equivalent of Fortress Europe. The Spirit of Europe will never be crushed; neither by force of arms, nor by decades of toxic propaganda, nor by a treacherous plutocratic elite groveling to yet another Abrahamic religion." Of course that was then and this is now, Clarke is dead, and 'Aryan Furturism' may not be as "unassailable" as the 'New Right'; who knows? Time will tell for Aryan Man.

Lowell (1946--) is from Malta, and an aspiring politician. He's also the founder, in 2000, of Imperium Europa. What is Imperium Europa?

Our aim is that Malta, this Sacred Island of Melita, this land of honey, will be the first liberated nation in the whole, White World - liberated from the enemy within and the enemy without. Malta, at the southernmost tip of Europe, could ignite a flame that would set Europe ablaze.

An IDEA, like a seed could spring to life anywhere.
An IDEA whose time has come, is unstoppable!

This is our dream, our goal: that this IDEA of IMPERIUM EUROPA, born in Malta, would capture the imagination of all Europids and bring that unity, which is imperative for the survival of this minority of biological aristocrats.

The only solution for the old continent is the triumph of the Imperium IDEA.

A Europid bond forged through Spirituality closely followed by Race, nurtured through High Culture, protected by High Politics, enforced by the The Elite.


4) September 17, 2005

Eowyn (Odinic Rite) : 'Odinism & Women'
Olivier Devalez (Church of the Creator) : 'Creativity: An Introduction'
AB : 'Satpal Ram: A Case Study in Anti-Racist Brainwashing'
Arlette Baldacchino (Imperium Europa) : 'Viva Malta'
JB : 'Leni Riefenstahl'

Baldacchino is one of only two ladies to have addressed the New Right. An article in the Maltese publication The Independent Online describes her as "the spokesman for Lowell’s crackpot organisation, Viva Malta, which he describes as “the political wing” of his deluded racist fantasy empire, Imperium Europa". Her speech, apparently, "reads like a fourth-form essay written by a kid with a chip on her shoulder and a grudge against humanity". Or so says Daphne Caruana Galizia ('What’s a nice girl like you doing there?').

Devalez is a key figure in the French branch of the Church of the Creator, a 'church' for white supremacists. It was founded in 1973 by Ben Klassen (1918--1993). Following a trademark dispute, however, it's now known as the Creativity Movement. Its former leader, Matt Hale (1971--), is currently serving a 40-year prison term for soliciting an undercover FBI informant to kill federal judge Joan Lefkow, the person responsible for ruling against the Church in its trademark dispute. The Church has come to the attention of the Australian public largely as a result of the Reverend Patrick O'Sullivan's (Melbourne) legal troubles and that of a now-defunct website hosted by another Church member, Colin Campbell III (Adelaide).



5) January 14, 2006

KT : 'Mosley & Europe (Part Two)'
Wulf : 'Wodenism: Sons of the Wolf'
AB : 'Drop Dead Doreen Lawrence'
JB : 'Politically-Incorrect Art & Culture'

Wulf (var. Wulff) is a German family name. And the name of some bloke what likes Wodenism.

6) February 18, 2006

DM : 'The Politically Correct'
AC : 'Hans Bluher & the Wandervogel'
Bryan Clough : 'The Kent-Wolkoff Affair'
JB : 'Martin Heidegger & Death's Ontology'

7) April 8, 2006

Richard Edmonds : 'David Irving: The Imprisonment of Historical Discourse'
Lady Renouf : 'Free Speech: Irving in Prison'
JB : 'Bill Hopkins & Anti-Humanist Life'

Edmonds is a former member of the National Front (NF) and current member of the BNP. According to the BBC: "In May 1994 Southwark Crown Court was told that a black man was hit in the face with a glass in a racial attack involving the BNP's national organiser Richard Edmonds three days after Beackon's election victory in September 1993. Edmonds was given a six-month prison sentence but he walked free from Southwark Crown Court because he had already spent three months in custody awaiting trial. Edmonds' co-defendant, Stephen O'Shea, another BNP member, received 12 months."

8) May 28, 2006

Michael Woodbridge : 'Henry Williamson: Regeneration of Man Through Nature'
Lady Renouf : On 'Israel In Flagrante: Caught in the Acts of Turnspeak'
James Thring (Founder, Legal Action Against War) : 'The Relevance of Middle East Affairs to UK National Interests'
Tord Morsund (Nation & Kultur, Norway) : 'Beauty Is Hierarchy'
JB : 'Elitism, British Modernism & Wyndham Lewis'

Morsund is a Norwegian fascist, and helped to arrange for a visit by ex-Ku Klux Klown David Duke to Norway in 2005. Morsund is also responsible for writing the introductory text to a collection of Southgate's political dribblings titled Tradition and Revolution (2007). According to Morsund, Southgate is "an artist, a poet and a musician, a father and a relentless idealist … Troy Southgate’s work as presented speaks for itself here, but what is extraordinary about it is that it is as complex as it is clear and transparent … As a driving force within the English New Right, Troy Southgate has clearly shown that he is indeed interested in broader alliances between leading men, … not within a purely conservative and outdated Right of yesteryear …, but of the Right understood as the real and contemporary opposition with alternatives to the egalitarian ideas that pervade the current dominating political systems of the world."

According to one source (Dave Rich, Community Security Trust), Thring was a confidant of dead Lady Jane Birdwood; according to Searchlight (Nick Lowles, 'A very English extremist', August 2000): "One of Britain’s most prolific racist and antisemitic propagandists... Dowager Lady Jane Birdwood, editor of Choice magazine and close political ally of wartime nazi collaborators, died on 29 June. Often dismissed as an eccentric crank, Birdwood represented the far right of the establishment. Backed by MPs, lords, vicars, retired officers and the wealthy, she was a very English extremist."

Woodbridge is an unknown quantity. Well, almost. In reference and as an introduction to a previous address (January 14, 2006) by Alexander Baron ('Drop Dead Doreen Lawrence') he stated that:

In the wake of the murder of Stephen Lawrence [1974--1993], the victim’s parents Neville and Doreen were portrayed by the mass media as icons of racial tolerance in pursuit of justice conducting a responsible campaign to bring their son’s killers to book, while at the same time exposing police corruption, incompetence and institutional racism. The Lawrences have received accolades galore from the media, politicians, even from the police.

On closer inspection though both Neville and especially Doreen Lawrence have been less icons of tolerance than enemies of individual liberty. They have condoned the use of such totalitarian practices as intrusive surveillance, the suppression of free speech, and the abolition of double jeopardy. Their much vaunted struggle against police corruption, apathy and racism is based on ignorance if not wilful blindness of police investigative methodology, while their attempts to convict the Acourt brothers’ gang of their son’s murder has ignored the fact that all the available evidence suggests that the five men branded murderers by a national newspaper are actually innocent.

This speech analyses and deconstructs the methods and the true motives of Doreen Lawrence and her gang, and methodically rubbishes the specious argument that they are champions of the downtrodden and the oppressed in pursuit of justice.

Take that!

In December, 2004, Woodbridge was also credited (see below) as being the New Right's 'Liaison Officer'.



9) January 13, 2007

Sahib Bleher (Islamic Party of Britain) : 'Islam: Outdated Oriental Religion or Visionary Ideology of the Future?'
Wulf (Woden's Folk) : 'The Power of the Runes'
Lady Renouf : 'Jailing Opinions'
JB (New Right) : 'Robinson Jeffers: Misanthrope Extraordinaire'

Bleher -- known as the 'Flying Imam' -- is a German-born Muslim convert, former member of the NPD, Holocaust denialist and regular contributor to Another member of the IPB, Dr Mohammed Naseem, was "a member of Respect's national council and [was] the party's major funder. He was also the Respect parliamentary candidate for Birmingham Perry Barr in the 2005 general election"; noteworthy at the time for the clash between Respect's respect for LGBT rights, on the one hand, and the IPB's homophobia. Incidentally, Respect made like a banana and split into two last November; on the one hand, an SWP-dominated Respect and, on the other, George Galloway's mob (Respect Renewal). A ding-dong battle for electoral supremacy between the two will take place on May 1 in City and East (containing boroughs: Barking & Dagenham, Newham, Tower Hamlets, City of London).

10) May 5, 2007

Rupert Bell : 'Church of Satan: A Non-Prophet Organisation?'
Actuaris : 'Futurism: Is There A Place For It In The Present?'
Kai Murros (KM) : 'National Revolution'
JB : Performance of Beowulf (Part One)

Actuaris is an actuarial model of the Dutch pension sector, with a strong interest in its future development... or possibly not.

Note that between this meeting and the next, JB got the arse from the BNP. Note that his performance of 'Beowulf' had nothing to do with this development... or did it?

Murros is a Finn who describes himself as a 'Racial Bolshevik'.

11) September 8, 2007

Christopher Chibnall : 'Austin Osman Spare: First Postmodern Occultist'
NL : 'The Idea of Imperium'
JB : 'The Art & Philosophy of JB'
Tomislav Sunic : 'Americanism & Anti-Americanism: A View from Western & Post-Communist Eastern Europe'

Sunic was present at the meeting which formally launched the New Right in London in December 2004 (see below). In fact, the meeting was partly organised to provide Herr Doktor with an opportunity to launch his then-recent book, Against Democracy and Equality. This text was published by Noontide Press. Noontide specialises in publishing and distributing Holocaust denial literature, and has since its establishment in 1978 by Willis Carto (1926--). It's also the publisher of The Journal of Historical Review, a key journal of Holocaust denial. Other titles published by Noontide include the notorious Tsarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as well as other classic titles such as Mein Kampf, The Turner Diaries and ex-Ku Klux Klown David Duke's My Awakening. More recently, "The Institute for Historical Review, the most active Holocaust-denial organization in the United States, held a public meeting in Irvine, California, on March 24 [2007]. IHR director Mark Weber and two other veteran Holocaust-denial activists, Bradley Smith and Tomislav Sunic, were the featured speakers."

12) November 3, 2007

KM : 'Psychological Aspects of the European Revolution'
Yaqub Zaki : 'Comparison of Islamic and Western Civilisation'
JB : 'Revisionism: Left & Right, Hard & Soft'

Zaki is a Scot, a Muslim convert, and an "ally" of Lady Renouf, the pair recently attending legal proceedings in Paris initiated by Holocaust denialist Robert Faurisson against former French Minister of Justice Robert Badinter (he lost).



13) January 12, 2008

Kenyon Gibson : 'Meet the Press'
Wulf (Woden's Folk) : 'Religion in the New Age'
Adrian Davies (The Freedom Party) : 'Ways and Means'
JB (New Right) : 'New-Left Marxism & the Frankfurt School'

Davies is a barrister and was David Irving's attorney when Mr. Irving tried to appeal the decision in his earlier case against Deborah Lipstadt. He's a former Tory and now Chairman of the 'Freedom Party', on whose behalf he contested the 2005 general election, employing the slogan 'Enoch Powell was right!'. In Bad News For Freedom, only 1.7% of the electorate in South Staffordshire agreed.

14) April 5, 2008

John R. Bell : 'British Blood & British Soil'
Wulf Ingessunu : 'The Solar Race'
Lady Renouf : 'Jailing Their Lawyers'
JB : 'The Films of Hans-Jurgen Syberberg: Leni Riefenstahl's Successor?'


Finally, below is the advertising blurb for the first first meeting of the New Right:

Official Foundation of the New Right / Book Launch

Agenda: This meeting will introduce for the very first time a fresh and exciting project known as 'New Right'. [Ahem. See 'An American National Bolshevik', Loren Goldner's review of Kevin Coogan. Dreamer of the Day. Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International, Autonomedia, 1999.] Concerned at the increasing plight of the British Isles and Europe in general, this dynamic and strictly metapolitical group seeks to unite the disparate strands of the British Right and get everybody pulling in the same direction.

Points of reference: Friedrich Nietzsche, Armin Mohler, Edgar Jung, Carl Schmitt, Ernst Junger, Julius Evola, Rene Guenon, Jean Thiriart, Alain de Benoist, Robert Steuckers, Pierre Vial, Guillaume Faye, Alexander Dugin, Michael Walker.

Date: Sunday 12th December 2004

Time: From 2.00pm until 6.00pm

Venue: Sun Tavern, 66 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9JH (fully licensed bar, food served until 4pm)

Nearest tube: Covent Garden, Holborn or Tottenham Court Road


Chairman: Jonothon Boulter
Secretary: Troy Southgate
Treasurer: Lee Consterdine
Press Officer: Dino Caligari
Liaison Officer: Micheal Woodbridge


*Dr. Tomislav Sunic (Professor of Political Science): AGAINST DEMOCRACY & EQUALITY
*Robert Steuckers (Synergies Européennes, Orientations): HISTORY OF THE NEW RIGHT*


The acclaimed Croatian author, Dr. Tomislav Sunic, will be promoting his new book, 'Against Democracy and Equality' (Noontide Press, 2004), and taking a detailed look at the European "New Right", a significant intellectual movement of men and women concerned about the survival of the West.

The book provides a survey of the New Right's origins, impact and outstanding figures, and an overview of the theory of "revolutionary conservatism". A healthy, enduring society, say New Right thinkers, must be based on the natural principles of hierarchy and aristocracy. Carl Schmitt, Oswald Spengler, Alain de Benoist, and the other leading figures of this intellectual current contend that egalitarianism - whether manifest in Marxism or in liberal democracy - inevitably leads to social decay and entropy.

Rejecting both traditional liberalism and conservatism, the New Right calls for a European rebirth rooted in a stern awareness of history and human nature, and based on a recognition of Europe as an organic entity.

This book, explains a review in American Renaissance newsletter, "not only traces the history of 'revolutionary conservatism' but introduces a contemporary school of European writers who are struggling to find answers to the questions that are not yet being asked ... Dr. Sunic has given us an important book. This review can only begin to summarize the richness of thought that he has found in scores of books and journals that are not even available in English. Dr. Sunic has opened the door to a great but little-known body of learning that directly addresses our current crisis."

Copies of Dr. Sunic's magnum opus - as well as various other literature - will be available to purchase at the meeting itself. Please feel free to bring your own material and don't forget to invite your friends!

Meanwhile, if you require further information, please e-mail: or

*"The radical wing of the New Right is now represented by the Synergies Européennes network, led by Robert Steuckers (Belgium), which publishes Nouvelles de Synergies européennes. At the summer university of the Synergies network, in August 2000, held in northern Italy, key speakers included former Terza Posizione activist Gabriele Adinolfi and Maurizio Murelli, of the Holocaust denial publication Orion. In 2000, a controversy arose in Lyon about the facilities granted by the University of Lyon III to New Right activists, among them Prof. Jean-Paul Allard, a German studies professor. The network he built around the Institute of Indo-European Studies within this university is very clearly connected to Synergies Européennes. (Economist and Holocaust denier Bernard Notin writes under the alias Fréderic Valentin in Synergies.)" ~ The Stephen Roth Institute for The Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism Report on France 2000-1